Friday, June 5, 2009

Uninvited House Guest

Friday has proved to be a very interesting day so far! This morning about 6:00, I came out of the bathroom from drying my hair and Patch, our cat, was in the hall growling at something. This cat never growls...he cries...but not growl. Anyway, I cut the light on because I was worried something was wrong. So, I bend down to take a look at him and notice he's got something hanging out of his guessed it...A MOUSE!!! I start screaming and yelling at Keith to get out of the bed to catch this mouse. Patch takes it into the dining room and starts throwing it around under the dining table. That is when I notice that the mouse is still alive!! I start jumping on the furniture and yelling at the animals and Keith. Keith makes me leave the room while he finds some gloves. During this time, the mouse decides enough is enough and runs under our couch. I'm thinking, great...he's gonna crawl in the couch and die...or eat it or something. So Keith starts looking under there and he finds him!. So he somehow grabs him and says..."Get the camera!" I think he's lost his mind, but then decide this is too funny of a story not to get a picture of! He said the mouse was laying on his side, breathing really heavy. We were gussing he was trying to catch his breath after all the excitement. Maybe he will tell all this family and friends to steer clear of the Patrick house!

I have to say I am very proud of Patch...but am also glad we saved the little guy! He's just not welcome in our home anymore!! :)

Before our eventful morning, we had some very special "invited guests" last night. Natalie and Alyson had supper with us. They are in town for VBS at Fairview. We do not get to see them very much because they live in Meridian now. We miss them so much!! They are so sweet and we had a great time!


Suzan Watson said...

You know... many many years ago... Keith was driving but barely. He had to come and rescue ME from a mouse! He was the only guy I could find that would come and get it! I wonder if he remembers that? I had forgotten until I read your post. TOO funny!

The Jadzinski's said...

Too funny! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!! Love the picture of the girls with the 'wall art' masks.