Wednesday, June 8, 2011

yes, I know...

I am a HORRIBLE blogger. 
With that said...We have a new nephew!!!  Brandt Hayes was born May 4, 2011.  And he's just precious!!! 

 The twins turned 5!!!! Can't believe it!!  They are so sweet. 

Mama had a birthday!  We love her, very much. 

 Keith and I bought a new vehicle!! Love it! :)
 And, Keith decided to camp out at Daddy's garden.  I think he had a long night.  Camping is not for me!  I enjoy my nice, comfy bed, and the AC!!
Well, that just about sums us up for a little while.  Keith's constantly working on the yard, so I'll try to post some updated pictures.  I've started my first grad class.  I think it is going to be ok....  hopefully those won't be my famous last words.  Til next time...