Monday, December 29, 2008


So, this is what I call progress!!!!!

Looking out the back door, into the laundry! There is a wall there now!

Carport view:

View from backyard, looking out towards Harvey's.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Check this out!!!!

We made it!!! Mississippi Magazine came out today and we are in it!! Pick up your copy today!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Family

This year, Keith and I have had a wonderful Christmas. I have been off work all week and came to Winona on Monday to spend time with Mama and Daddy. Keith had to work through Wednesday and got here Wednesday night. Thursday, Daddy and I went to pick up Papaw for lunch. Nason and Amanda brought Harrison and Marin for a little while. We all enjoyed a great lunch and had a blast opening presents!

The Lollar Family


Papaw and Harrison

Yep, there is a story behind this one!

Always closes his eyes!!

Harrison and Nicole

Mama and Daddy


Nason, Marin, Amanda, and Harrison

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Filled Weekend

Well, this weekend was definately the traveling weeking for Keith and me. We kicked things off Friday with a trip to Tupelo. The Patrick family Christmas was held there this year. With all the movings, and scattering about, it was the logical plan. Kerri and family fixed a fabulous meal and we had a wonderful time being with the family. Keith even brought his guitar and lead Christmas carols. Natalie and Alyson sang a sweet, sweet version of Away in a Manger (check out Kristi's blog for the video).

Hailey loved her Pup from Keith and me!

Sorry Kerri...had to do it!


Saturday proved to be another day on the road. After Friday night, Natalie and Alyson went home with their Pap-paw and Nana. We decided to take them to Meridian on Saturday. Keith and I had not gotten to see their new home, and we were itching to go. We were so excited to finally be able to go! Their home is beautiful!! We hung out with them for a little while and decided to stay for supper. We went to a Hibachi Grill. Keith and I had never been to one, so we had no clue what to expect. I have to say I was a little nervous about it. But, I really enjoyed it and Keith LOVED it! Natalie and Alyson...not so much!! They spent more time behind our chairs and plugging in their ears, than watching or eating. I doubt Kristi will be spending any more nights there with them! We had a great time, and made a fun, fun memory with them! I really miss them and can't wait to go back and visit!

On Sunday, my Mama and Daddy brought Papaw to Columbus. After church, we went back to our house for lunch. My mom made delicious BBQ. I think Papaw was cold the whole time, but I'm glad he was able to come!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa and His Reindeer!

L to R: Rebecca, Nicole, Dan, Tammy, and Winn
Today was our work Christmas party. It was very nice and the food was great. I think we all had a nice break from the work day!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


At this time, one year ago on Friday, December 14, 2007, I saw my Mamaw alive for the last time. I believe she would remember that night, but she couldn't talk to me. As most of you know, she passed away on December 15, 2007 from cancer. She fought it for a long time. I still miss her like it was yesterday. It seems though that is the way it goes. There are many things I wish I had said, but I believe she is watching down on us and knows everything about us! I believe she even made the fuse blow last Christmas at Mama and Daddy's because she couldn't be there (Christmas day is her birthday)! That is a whole other story! When I think of Mamaw, I think of apples at Christmas, ham and biscuits on vacations, and her telling me stories as I would go to sleep. Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there that I love her and miss her.

This was taken in July at our first bridal shower.

Picture time!

For some reason I decided I needed to take a picture with all the "babies" Saturday night. Keith and I had been to Harvey's for our annual Christmas supper. good. After dinner, we met Tammy and Rodney at the movies to see Twilight. Really good! Book was better, but isn't that always the case?? Any way...we were in the picture mood when we got home.

Gracie decided Patch could not be in the picture by himself so she had to step in!



Keith and me
Fun memories!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update time!

Keith and I got the Christmas season started off this past weekend. Friday night we went to all the shops downtown for the annual Wassail Fest. It was so much fun. Each shop has wassail to sample and vote on. Saturday night, Keith, Gracie, and I went to the Christmas parade. It was fun, but COLD!!

Laundry room is still coming along good. Contractor has floor totally raised!! Huge accomplishment!! I was having to wash clothes off the back porch, with the washer hooked up to the water hose!! The washer and dryer are now back in their home.

Pictures do not give it justice!!! It is FABULOUS!!! He should be back on Thursday to start walling it in! So, on Sunday's Keith and I have time set aside after church for a nap. Well, Keith used to nap on the floor, but the hardwood is just not that comfortable. So, since I was not willing to give up the sofa, we decided to share it. After settling in, we had a few visitors join us. The camera was on the coffee table, so Keith was able to capture a pretty good picture.

Left to right: Keith, Patch, Cobie, Gracie, and Nicole