Monday, April 27, 2009

Sewing Mama!!

So, all of you know by now that we finally got our window in the dining room. Mama made a roman shade for us for it. This was her first attempt at a roman shade. She came Saturday to install it. Keith and I love it!!! It is SO nice! She does such a great job on everything!! I am so thankful for her and all she does for us. I guess this is an early shout out for Mother's Day, but she deserves it! Thanks Mama, we love you!

(please ignore the window frame...we still have some painting left to do.)

Check out her website:

And I can't leave Daddy out...he's been really good to us also! He has fought with our mower more times than I can count!! Not to mention helping Keith install plexiglass and cleaning out gutters!!! Thanks Daddy...we love you, too!

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I have come to the conclusion that this is what 14+ hours at work, on a Monday, will do to you....

Not sure how well my conclusion would hold up, because I'm not sure what his excuse would be for the rest of the time!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Not only have we seen rainy showers today, but I also attended a baby shower today. I think I've been to three in my life...maybe four. Anyway, my friend, Opal, is having a baby. She is due May 28 and her husbands side of the family and some friends had her a shower. It was definately unlike any of the wedding showers Keith and I had, but like I said I've only been to 3, so I wasn't sure what to expect! They had a few games, and of course a cake. And she opened presents. She hasn't gotten very much, so it was nice to see her able to get some much needed items! I've known Opal since we were in the 2nd grade. We were close all through college, then went our separate ways. It has been nice to reconnect with her and her family.

Not much else has gone on around the Patrick house. Mama came for a visit this morning. She is making a roman shade for our new dining room window and needed to take a look at it. She also couldn't pass up a trip to Belk! It was great to see her! I've been kindof lonely around here...after Keith gets off work today, he will have put in 75 hours this week. It makes me tired to even type that!! I don't know how he's done it, but he has! He is excited about having a much needed day off tomorrow. I think we are going to visit Papaw and have lunch with him. Well, that's about all for now. Until next time...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend

Keith and I hope that everyone had a blessed Easter! We are at home, this rainy Sunday evening. We spent most of the weekend in Winona and just got back a couple of hours ago. I am blogging, Keith is going through boxes, and we are waiting on pizza to be delivered. It has been a great weekend. I was off Friday and headed to Winona early. We thought Keith had to work Saturday, but he found out that they did not have to. Anyway, he came on to Winona Saturday afternoon. We had a great time seeing Mama, Daddy, and Papaw. We even got to dye some eggs! Before I post any pictures from this weekend, I want to catch you up to date on what happened Thursday night. Keith got the window installed!! It is beautiful! It took some doing, but we finally got it in and working around 8:30 that night. Everyone has to come see it! ;)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ahhh April...

Our neighbor's azaleas.

If you have never been to Columbus, now is the time to visit. The azaleas are blooming and beautiful! Not to mention the dogwoods, tulips, irises, and other things I can not name! Keith and I live in the prettiest part of Columbus, I believe. The Pilgrimage is going on and so many things have been going on around the house. Many people from all over come to Columbus to see the beautiful homes and learn some history about our town. All day Saturday, Gracie and I watched some of these people travel the streets in a horse drawn carriage. Who else can say that?? It is such a great thing to be a part of. Anyway...while all that has been going on, Keith and I have remained very busy. Keith is still working 10 hour days, 6 days a week. The project they are working on has a deadline of April 17, so we think there is an end in sight. We hope so! There's so much he wants to do around the house, but is too tired when he gets home to even think about it. While he was at work Saturday, Gracie and I went on a walk to MUW. I wanted to take a few pictures of the flowers on campus...they are so pretty right now. I wish I had a better camera, but these turned out ok.
This is taken outside our building. My office is the window on the far left.

At home, we are, animals included, enjoying our new screen door on the back. Our neighbor, Scott, gave it to us! We just had to replace the screen. For about $6, we have a fabulous breeze! The cats LOVE it!

AND...a preview of what is about to happen!!!! More on this later in the week!! ;)