Saturday, April 18, 2009


Not only have we seen rainy showers today, but I also attended a baby shower today. I think I've been to three in my life...maybe four. Anyway, my friend, Opal, is having a baby. She is due May 28 and her husbands side of the family and some friends had her a shower. It was definately unlike any of the wedding showers Keith and I had, but like I said I've only been to 3, so I wasn't sure what to expect! They had a few games, and of course a cake. And she opened presents. She hasn't gotten very much, so it was nice to see her able to get some much needed items! I've known Opal since we were in the 2nd grade. We were close all through college, then went our separate ways. It has been nice to reconnect with her and her family.

Not much else has gone on around the Patrick house. Mama came for a visit this morning. She is making a roman shade for our new dining room window and needed to take a look at it. She also couldn't pass up a trip to Belk! It was great to see her! I've been kindof lonely around here...after Keith gets off work today, he will have put in 75 hours this week. It makes me tired to even type that!! I don't know how he's done it, but he has! He is excited about having a much needed day off tomorrow. I think we are going to visit Papaw and have lunch with him. Well, that's about all for now. Until next time...

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April said...

I remember you telling me you were going to that. I can't believe Opie-0 is going to be a momma...where has time gone?? I love ya'll and hope to see you soon! *MUAH*