Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend

Keith and I hope that everyone had a blessed Easter! We are at home, this rainy Sunday evening. We spent most of the weekend in Winona and just got back a couple of hours ago. I am blogging, Keith is going through boxes, and we are waiting on pizza to be delivered. It has been a great weekend. I was off Friday and headed to Winona early. We thought Keith had to work Saturday, but he found out that they did not have to. Anyway, he came on to Winona Saturday afternoon. We had a great time seeing Mama, Daddy, and Papaw. We even got to dye some eggs! Before I post any pictures from this weekend, I want to catch you up to date on what happened Thursday night. Keith got the window installed!! It is beautiful! It took some doing, but we finally got it in and working around 8:30 that night. Everyone has to come see it! ;)


The Jadzinski's said...

WOW! Looks GREAT! Missed seeing yall yesterday.

April said...

Awe, YAY for the window!! I'll have to come see it...and ya'll too :D Talk to you soon.