Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comfy dumfy.

Gene and Denise have done it again! They had a tag sale today to sell off some old things they had, so we dropped in on them. Nicole found a neat little chair, fairly antique-y, that was newly cleaned and meticulously preserved. She knew right away that it would fit into our home, so we snagged it quick! Denise took 20 percent off of the price, too! I guess it's a good neighbor discount or something. As you can see, Patch has taken up residence on the thing. No surprise there. Feel free to come over and sit on it for a while. We have coffee!


No big news, nothing special here...'cept the CHICKEN! Nicole has become a bona fide southern cook and I just wanted to rub a few noses. That's all. Mmmm Mmmm...tasty!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our dandy neighbors!

Our WONDERFUL neighbors, Gene and Denise, have completely renovated their home and it looks fantastic. In the last year or so, they have been very, very kind and generous to us and have given us many leftover construction items, lumber and the like. Gene works as a contractor in town, restoring many of the century old buildings in our historic city. He told me where to find some heart pine that was more than 100 years old that came out of one of these buildings, and it found its way into the boat I've been building. They also shared, from the same building, a large amount of pre-1900 stamped tin ceiling panels. With a little scraping and stripping we now are installing these panels in our home. Some are in our carport entryway, which is where we and our friends enter, some are in our new laundry room, and some will become a wraparound backsplash in our kitchen. As if that weren't enough, Gene, who happened to have some leftover fencing material, decided to treat us to a new gate and fence on the east end of our house! We are blessed to have them with us, and wish them the best. Gracie loves them too, because she can romp around with Gene and Denise's two poodles, Daisy and Stanley. We just put her in their front fence and let them go for it. We'll have lots of pics in the near future, but here's a start!
Keith P.

Can you believe that this is our laundry ceiling? The rest of the house wishes it had it this good!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Bash!

My brother, Nason, and I have very close birthdays. His is on August 16 and mine is August 7. When we were younger, Mama and Daddy always had our parties together. He would invite his friends and I would invite mine. We did that for a while until we each had to have our own party. The last couple of years, we have celebrated it together. August is such a busy month with school getting started and all that it just seems to be easier to get together once. This past Saturday that was exactly what we did. Nason and his family were able to come to Winona and celebrate our birthdays. I think we all had a blast! Mama and Daddy cooked a feast and of course two birthday cakes!

I know it is a few days early, but Keith and I want to wish Nason a very Happy Birthday!!
We love you, old man!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Charles!

Keith and I want to wish his dad, Charles, a Happy, Happy Birthday!!
We hope you have had a great one!
Love you!

Charles and Keith on our wedding day, September 22, 2007.