Friday, December 17, 2010

Year gone by...

I know I've been a horrible blogger this year and  I promise to try to do better next year!  Instead of telling about every little thing since July, I will just hit a few of the high points.
  • August: Nason and I celebrated our birthdays.  Keith and I also had a beagle to show up on our doorstep.  She was very hungry and had a few health issues.  We decided to foster her and named her Annie.  She has had a couple of surgeries and is doing great! We would love to find her a wonderful home.  Since I was given new work responsibilites, I was only able to take two classes this semester.  It has been a long one and I will be very glad when they are over!    
  • September:  Keith and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We were able to go to Pensacola again and had a great time.
  • October:  We celebrated Amanda and Daddy's birthday's.  Daddy hit the big 6-0 this year!  Also, Nason and Amanda are having baby number 3 in May!  We are all very excited about that!!  
  • November:  Keith received a promotion at work to Tech 2 and I was promoted to Assistant Director.  It was a good month.  Keith started tackling the hot water pipes in the house.  It has been a mess!  Thanksgiving was great because we got to see and visit with everyone.   
  • December: We finally got our tree up last night and hopefully will get some shopping accomplished soon! I received a text from Nason that we are getting another nephew!  I can't wait to meet him!
That about sums up everything that was going on with us the last part of 2010.  I'll post pictures soon...I promise! :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Papaw!

This past weekend, Papaw turned 97!!!! He was honored at Weir's 125th birthday celebration as being the oldest man.  Nason, Amanda, Harrison, and Marin were able to come up and we all enjoyed a great time.  After hearing several speeches, we headed to Roy Oswalt's restaurant for lunch.  It was great!  We all then went to Papaw's for cake and icecream and for him to open his presents.  It was such a great day! And truly a blessing!  We love you, Papaw!!!! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mama's Birthday!!

We finally were able to get everyone together to celebrate Mama's birthday this past weekend.  We had a really good time!  I hope she had a wonderful birthday celebration-even if it was a few days late!! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Air Show

This past weekend, the Thunderbirds were in town for a performance.  Mama, Daddy, and Papaw were able to be there.  We were really worried about the weather, but it turned out perfect! Papaw will be 97 next month and has never seen an air show.  After getting there, I don't think he was too excited about the whole thing, but once they started to perform, he really seemed to enjoy it.  He is a WW2 vet and worked on airplanes when in the service, but has never been in one.  He said he still has no desire to fly!  Hope you enjoy the pictures that Keith took.  We have a ton, but these are just a few of the good ones!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mama!!!

Today, Mama turns 60! She probably won't be happy with me sharing that, but I think it is wonderful!! I hope you have a fabulous day and I love you, very much!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time for an update??

It has been over a month since my last post and boy, have we crammed a bunch in!  We've had 2 birthday parties, a wedding, and a new shop go up.  First, we started off with Marin's 2nd birthday on Feb. 12.  I was able to go to her party and had a fun time.  She is growing up so quickly.  Next, Harrison turned 4 on March 9.  His party was at the baseball field and was a blast! The weekend following that, March 13, my sweet cousin Rebecca was married.  She had a beautiful wedding and was a stunning bride!  For Keith's birthday, I gave him a shop-we'll the plans for one. Our neighbor, Gene, got started on it this past Friday and is almost finished! His crew works quick!!!!  And so far we couldn't be happier.  I will post pictures of the shop later-Keith wants to wait until it is finished!! :)  Keith and I are both waiting anxiously for spring, even though it feels more like winter today.  I'm sure I've missed something, but for now, I'll leave it at that!  

Marin's Party

Harrison's Party

Rebecca and Ryan Holley

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Keith!!!

Today, Keith turns 30.  I joked with him last night that he is leaving me behind in the 20's!  And then this morning that since he's gotten older he has to go to bed early and get up early!  He didn't seem to agree...Anyway, all kidding aside, I hope that Keith has a HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!  We celebrated early with a surprise party at Harvey's.  The guest list included: Mama, Daddy, Papaw, Charles, Debbie, Kristi, Frankie, Natalie, Alyson, Kerri, Travis, Hailey, Harrison, Ms Eva, Mr. Frank, April, Denise, and Gene.  I had been planning the party for a few weeks and was having a hard time not telling him.  I'm not sure if it was a good idea to have it at Harvey's or not. I watched everyone get there and go in!  I have no idea how he missed it and didn't see anyone!  Anyway, we went over and he was shocked!  It was priceless.  After dinner, we went back to our house for cake and icecream.  Keith then opened his gifts.  He's building up a nice tool collection!  I think Keith had a great party.  I hope he is blessed with many more. 
Keith, I love you, very much!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windows, Two Christmases, New Year-all wrapped into one...

I know, I's been a while since I've posted anything.  Keith and I had a busy month and some much needed time off work.  I spend my days in front of a computer so over the holiday's I refrained from it!  I'll just do an update of what's been going on at the house and how we spent our Christmas. 
The first of December, we got new windows for the house.  They are beautiful and look very original to the house.  Keith was so skeptical about getting the vinyl windows, but I finally talked him into it.  The windows really "clean up" the look of the house.  We have been enjoying those and can't wait for Spring to enjoy them even more.  Thanks Mama and Daddy for coming and helping out that day.  Keith had to work, last minute, and they were quick to step in and help out.  We really appreciate that!  The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful.  I got out two full weeks for Christmas and Keith was out Christmas Day-the 4th.  I went to Mama and Daddy's on the 23rd and helped her some.  We had a good time getting to visit. Keith came over after work on the 24th.  Nason, Amanda, Harrison, and Marin all came up Christmas day afternoon for a wonderful meal and to open presents.  Daddy also had gotten Papaw earlier that day.  Keith and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!  We had a great time spending time with each and every one of them.  The next day, we headed back to Columbus to clean for the Patrick family Christmas.  We held it at our house this year.  I think we plan on rotating it around to different houses over the years.  We worked really hard to get everything cleaned up and fixed up for the company.  On Monday, Kerri, Travis, Hailey, Harrison, Kristi, Frankie, Natalie, Alyson, Charles and Debbie, all came over for dinner.  Keith and I hope we were able to accomodate everyone comfortably. Our house is kindof small, but we think it is cozy! After dinner, the kids opened gifts.  They were so excited and it was truly a joy to see them!  The rest of the week was lazy for me.  I watched a bunch of Perry Mason movies and a few oldies too.  Keith worked, worked, worked out in the yard.  He has been building and fixing so many different things!  That will have to be another post :)!  For New Years we went next door to eat and visit.  We were so tired, we went home and barely made it til midnight.  In other news, our heat has been out at the house...the heat sensors were never hooked up!!!  Two years living there and we never knew it.  Something is so wrong with that! Anyway, the house is warm and toasty now!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!