Friday, December 17, 2010

Year gone by...

I know I've been a horrible blogger this year and  I promise to try to do better next year!  Instead of telling about every little thing since July, I will just hit a few of the high points.
  • August: Nason and I celebrated our birthdays.  Keith and I also had a beagle to show up on our doorstep.  She was very hungry and had a few health issues.  We decided to foster her and named her Annie.  She has had a couple of surgeries and is doing great! We would love to find her a wonderful home.  Since I was given new work responsibilites, I was only able to take two classes this semester.  It has been a long one and I will be very glad when they are over!    
  • September:  Keith and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! We were able to go to Pensacola again and had a great time.
  • October:  We celebrated Amanda and Daddy's birthday's.  Daddy hit the big 6-0 this year!  Also, Nason and Amanda are having baby number 3 in May!  We are all very excited about that!!  
  • November:  Keith received a promotion at work to Tech 2 and I was promoted to Assistant Director.  It was a good month.  Keith started tackling the hot water pipes in the house.  It has been a mess!  Thanksgiving was great because we got to see and visit with everyone.   
  • December: We finally got our tree up last night and hopefully will get some shopping accomplished soon! I received a text from Nason that we are getting another nephew!  I can't wait to meet him!
That about sums up everything that was going on with us the last part of 2010.  I'll post pictures soon...I promise! :)


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