Saturday, August 20, 2011


Last year on August 20, I opened our front door to leave for work and found an older, sickly looking beagle standing on the porch.  Someone was walking by with their dog and she ran out to them.  This person didn't recognize her and we both thought she looked very ill.  I decided to take her to the vet.  It was very hot and I knew she wouldn't make it if left out in the heat for several more days.  They took her in at the vet and ran several tests on her.  She was heartworm positive, had a hernia, never been fixed, and at least 7 years old.  After MUCH discussion, Keith and I decided to try to get her back in good health.  Our vet said there was no guarantee she would make it.  Oh, she was 12 pounds that day.  We decided to call her Annie!  Mama and Daddy's anniversary is on the 21st, so I thought it was appropriate.

And now, one year later, she is doing GREAT!  We've had a tough year with her.  Trying to house break her, several incidents with her stomach resulting in a late night trip to the MSU vet clinic, teaching her not to jump, walking on leash, and not eating EVERYTHING that she sees.  It has been hard, but I have to admit she is a sweet, sweet dog.  She now weighs 25 pounds, has lots of energy, and does her best to keep up with Gracie.  I'm not sure Gracie loves her yet, but they manage.  It's a good feeling to know we saved her.  :)