Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update time!

Keith and I got the Christmas season started off this past weekend. Friday night we went to all the shops downtown for the annual Wassail Fest. It was so much fun. Each shop has wassail to sample and vote on. Saturday night, Keith, Gracie, and I went to the Christmas parade. It was fun, but COLD!!

Laundry room is still coming along good. Contractor has floor totally raised!! Huge accomplishment!! I was having to wash clothes off the back porch, with the washer hooked up to the water hose!! The washer and dryer are now back in their home.

Pictures do not give it justice!!! It is FABULOUS!!! He should be back on Thursday to start walling it in! So, on Sunday's Keith and I have time set aside after church for a nap. Well, Keith used to nap on the floor, but the hardwood is just not that comfortable. So, since I was not willing to give up the sofa, we decided to share it. After settling in, we had a few visitors join us. The camera was on the coffee table, so Keith was able to capture a pretty good picture.

Left to right: Keith, Patch, Cobie, Gracie, and Nicole


April said...

awe, lol. I love the last pic! Too precious! And the laundry room is looking great! Talk to you soon :D

The Jadzinski's said...

Love the sleeping arrangements. But from experience with much company in the bed, I am sure it was not the most restful nap you have had!