Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Swedenburg Christmas Tree!

When Keith and I got back to town on Saturday, we decided to brave the foggy, cold weather to find ourselves the perfect Christmas tree. Keith's family always went to Swedenburg's for their Chirstmas tree, so it was only fitting that we go there. It was such a neat place. When we got there, a guy with two horses and a buggy picked us up and took us out to the trees. We got a saw and started walking. After looking and looking, we finally found the perfect tree. Keith cut it down and we tied it to the car. It is standing tall in our living room and it smells wonderful in our home!! I can't wait for everyone to come see it in person!!

The perfect tree!

Our Beautiful Tree!!


April said...

Awe! How pretty! I wanna come see it!!!

The Jadzinski's said...

Beautiful! How exciting~your first Christmas in your own home!