Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

So, update time. Sorry for posting delay. We have been BUSY!!! We have had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. My holiday started on Wednesday. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. Kerri and Kristi (Keith's sisters) and their families came for Thanksgiving breakfast and to watch the parade. We had a great time!

After breakfast, we all loaded up and headed out to Keith's dad and step-mom's house for an excellent lunch. One family picture and game of kick-ball later, Keith and I headed back home.

Back row: Keith, Nicole, Frankie, Kristi, Travis, Kerri, Drew, Mary Allison, Michelle, and Buster
First row: Alyson, Charles, Hailey, Debbie, Harrison, and Natalie

Friday morning, Keith and I loaded Gracie in the car and headed to my parent's house in Winona. We stopped in Weir and picked up Papaw and headed on. Nason, Amanda, Harrison, and Marin all came for lunch. We had a delicious spread! Nason, Amanda, and Marin soon headed back to Clinton. Harrison stayed in Winona. After an afternoon of napping we ate again!

Saturday morning we got up, got ready, and headed to Vaiden. We had Thanks-Chirstmas with my mom's side of the family. She has eight other brothers and sisters, so you can imagine the crowd!! We couldn't stay long because Keith and I needed to back to Columbus. We had a really good time though.

Whew...I think I need a vacation from my vacation!!

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