Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not for the weak stomachs...

When I married Keith I didn't realize I needed to be a trained nurse. I guess I should have, but I didn't... For the year and a half we've been married, it feels kindof like I moon-light as one! For his recent health issue, he had to have a couple of moles removed. One they removed totally a couple of weeks ago, no problems. The other had to have a separate day with stitches. They were non-cancerous, thank goodness, but still needed to be fully removed. On Wednesday, he went in for the procedure and came out with 9 stitches!!!!! Can you believe it...??? 9 stitches!! So, of course the mole was on his back, out of reach. Yesterday we pulled the bandage off for the first time and, of course, he says, you've got to take a picture!! So, below you will see his back with 6 stitches. The other 3 are underneath. We have to clean it, soak it with vinegar and water, and put medicine on it. Not to mention, it is right by his shoulder blade, so doing anything is practically impossible! I guess this will go on for several days. I will say though that I do not mind doing whatever I need to do for him! I know he will do the same for me some day.
"In sickness and in health..."