Monday, June 15, 2009

Conference and things...

Can the summer be any busier!!!??? Last week, I spent the majority of the week in Tunica, MS at the Mississippi Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) conference. This is the second conference I've gotten to attend since working at MUW. This year I was on the conference committee and had a great time! I got to help out with all the planning and decorations. Also, Julie, my great friend from BancorpSouth, nominated me for an office, Member at Large. At first I was hesitant, but become more comfortable with the idea as the conference approached. Good thing because I was the only one running. So...I am now the new Member at Large for MASFAA. I think it is going to be a great opportunity and I am very excited about it! Hopefully I won't make to big of a mess at it! :) So, anyway, the hotel in Tunica was very nice. We were across the road from the casino, so the only time we had to deal with it was going to eat at Paula Deen's. If you are ever in that area, you MUST go eat at Paula Deen's buffet. It is fabulous! There is so much food!! And the atmosphere is very pleasant. Keith was able to come up Thursday night for our banquet and the hypnotist show. Never did I imagine that he would volunteer to be hypotized. But, he did. Keep in mind this is the first time he has been around the MASFAA group...not to mention my second time!! But, he did it. I was a nervous wreck the entire time...but I have to say he stole the show! I thought he was acting through the entire performance, but seeing him after...I knew he wasn't. I did make him promise he can never do that again! Julie had booked the hypnotist, so I asked her if I needed to be worried. She said she picked him because he had a clean show. So, there wasn't anything dirty...I was just so worried about how Keith was going to act. A few of the things they did...birthing an 18 lb baby, speaking German, Japanese, picking up "money" and hiding it wherever they could find a place on themselves, "saying, "I love you man" anytime water was said...and so much more. And everytime they did something, the entire crowd would turn and look to see how I was reacting!! I must say...he left a big impression on MASFAA. Everyone will definately remember Keith and myself!! I hate we don't have any video, but I did take one pic. I wasn't even thinking about having my camera and getting some video. I was too worried about what would happen next! Maybe I can talk him into blogging about the experience from his point of view! It was so nice having Keith their for a "mini" vaca.

Keith...under hypnosis...

Julie Tompkins and Nicole

Best place in Tunica to eat...Paula Deen's Buffet

After getting home, I have been playing catch up at work. It was a tough day, with classes on top of that, and orientation. But summer classes will soon be over! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by.

One more thing before I close...I just want to wish Nason and Amanda a Happy Anniversary! I can't believe they have been married for 7 years! Congrats and we love you!

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