Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pictures as promised

I have all the pictures I promised yesterday...and more! So, thankfully we live on a hill. Unfortunately, our house is on a hill with a hill behind it. As most people are aware, we've had quite a bit of rain this week. The new project that will Keith and I will be working on is how to keep water from going under our house...and staying there for a while. Also, we will be working to get the water that does come out from standing in the front yard. There's always something when you own a house right??

This is a picture of under the house. You can see on the brick column where the water came up to.

The river down the hill from us is also very high. Crazy high! Keith, Gracie, and I walked down yesterday afternoon to take some pictures.

This is the gravel parking lot that is right by the river, in the big curve.

Laundry is looking GREAT! Chan has the thresholds in and most of the room paneled. He also has the washer and dryer placed. It looks so great!! Keith and I are so excited about it!!

Looking out of the kitchen into the new mudroom/laundry.

New back door.

New carport door. Kitchen doorway is to the right.

Outside new back entry. (Ignore the mess!:))

Ok, so I mentioned yesterday that Keith has been restoring a clock. This clock is around 100 years old and belong to his grandparents. Keith began restoring it in 2002. It had 4 layers of paint on it that had to be removed. Rae's Jewelry has rebuilt the "gut" part of it (the actual clock movements). He has finally got everything on the outside of the clock finished and placed back on the clock. He still has to take the clock back to Rae's for them to install the "guts". It is beautiful! Keith has done a great job and I can't wait for us to have it in our home!

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