Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Weather

It has been a VERY COLD week! But we are so glad it is Friday, and we have a nice three day weekend! Or, I will...Keith is having his wisdom teeth cut out on Monday :(. Anyway, when I got home yesterday I decided I needed to vacuum the house...had been awhile, but since it was 63 degrees in the house, I decided to keep my coat on. Keith thought it was pretty funny and snapped a pic. The animals and I have found a good way to keep warm...they just pile on top of me while we watch TV. They have decided that this is the best thing to do when I am in the bed also. Keith has the whole side of the bed, but each cat feels they need to lay up right next to me on either side and Gracie at the foot on my side. I guess they are trying to keep themselves warm or me warm! Who knows which one!! It is ok until the 18 pound cat decides to walk across me at 2 in the morning! Not so much fun! We had a little mix up last night in the laundry. We are putting a laundry sink in that we did not have before. Keith had gotten some pipes and got those put in, we just had not brought the sink in. I was washing clothes and we heard water ran in the laundry and saw the water coming up out of the sink pipes...this should not happen. After a call to Travis, my family, and Charles, we have figured out that the sink drain should be above the washer drain...we did not know this. At first we thought we had a frozen pipe, but after much hot water used, Keith discovered that was not the case. We were supposed to put the floor down this weekend so Chan could finish up next week, but after much texting back and forth with him, we have decided he needs to take a look to make sure. We DO NOT want that happening after all is said and done! So, it may be a couple more weeks before I have any different pictures to show. Anyway...I guess I felt just like blogging today. Hopefully the weather will warm up and we will all have a nice restful weekend!

Nicole, Gracie, and our 18 pound cat, Cobie

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