Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keith blogging...


...this is where my paycheck comes from. I work for Aurora Flight Sciences, a builder of unmanned aerial vehichles or UAVs. We are a defense contractor/subcontractor and build unmanned aircraft and components for the military and have rockin' time doing it! What's cool is that these things are made of carbon. That's charcoal to you, but it's a high-tech building material to us. This is the Global Hawk RQ4A UAV, and if you're a bad guy and need to be found, it WILL find you, no matter where you are, day or night. Hello, Mr. Bin Laden! We is comin' to get you!

That's me in front of the vertical tail section of the Orion long endurance aircraft. It's huge. That tail is two and a half times my height. I also built the stand it's resting on. The stand is about five feet tall, to give you a size reference. It took about seven guys to stand this sucker up.

Booyah. That's all.
The Light Eagle. It's a human powered (pedaled) airplane made up of stuff like styrofoam, balsa wood, mylar and glue. It's tough though.


April said...

Awesome pics Keefer-O! Love ya'll!!

greyhound said...

Hi Keith,

This is (cousin) Byron Seward. Send me an email sometime. I want to talk about airplanes and carbon fiber/pre-preg with you. :)