Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Harrison's Party

This past Sunday, Keith and I drove to Clinton for Harrison's Birthday Party. We left right after church and made the 168 mile drive smoothly. Amanda and Nason put on a great party! Harrison had a "blow-up jump thingie" and a few of his friends there. I think he had a great time! He never even stopped for a hotdog! He did finally settle down for some cake and icecream and to open his presents! We had a great time and were so glad we were able to go. I can't believe he is 3 already. I've got a few pictures to share...not many of him! He wouldn't stay still long enough!!! Keith and I missed the best show though...from what I understand, Mama got in a jumped with Harrison! We would have loved to see that one! :)

Marin loved the balloons!

Marin was watching big brother jump!

The Grandparents: Gram, Pop Pop, JuJu, Marin, and Granddaddy

Papaw, Nicole and Marin

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