Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keith's Birthday Weekend!!!

I think Keith and I can say we both had a great weekend!!! Saturday, we planned to meet Kristi, Frankie, Natalie, and Alyson at Proffit's Porch in Columbus. We ended up having a surprise visit with Kerri, Hailey and Harrison, also! Keith was so shocked! Anyway, the weather was beautiful and the company great. After eating, everyone came by the house to see the new laundry room. I think I can speak for Keith when I say we miss each of them so much!! Oh, for birthday gifts, Keith got some money and a flying pig!! He is a cutie!!

Frankie, Keith, Nicole, Kristi, Alyson, Natalie, Harrison, Kerri, and Hailey

Keith and the flying pig!

So, after lunch, Keith and I loaded Gracie in the car and headed to Winona. We had not been to Winona since Christmas, so we were itching to get there. We had a great visit and WONDERFUL food. Friday night: hamburgers, poutine (french fries, pepperjack cheese, and brown gravy), baked beans, and lemon squares...yum, yum. Sunday morning we all went to church and came home for the birthday lunch: chicken and dumplins', chicken ring, baked potato salad, broccoli salad, butter beans, homemade rolls, and chocolate cake/choc. icing with vanilla ice cream!! I think I gained 10 pounds just from lunch!! So after stuffing ourselves, Keith opened his gifts. Papaw gave Keith a rain guage. Mama and Daddy got Keith a cordless weed-eater, shirt, indoor/outdoor thermometer, and a handmade tool apron. I think Keith has had a great birthday...and it is not until tomorrow!!!!!

Anyway, we are back in Columbus, trying to settle in to get ready for Monday at work. I'll have more to post tomorrow...I haven't given Keith his gifts from me yet!! :) Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!

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